Under the EU Energy Efficiency Directive, large organisations are obliged to complete an energy audit every 4 years from 5th December 2015.

How to maximise the benefit of your energy audit
Having met the statutory requirement to complete an energy audit the next step is to focus on how to maximise the benefit of the energy audit.

The Energy Audit will have shown opportunities to improve the energy performance and enhance the sustainability of your company. Now is the time to start implementing these ideas.

Global Greens’ energy team has the expertise to help you implement these opportunities and maximise the return on carrying out the Energy Audit.

Does the scheme apply to you?
If your organisation meets any of the following criteria, you should have completed an energy audit:

  • 250 employees or over on the payroll
  • Annual turnover in excess of €50m
  • Annual balance sheet total in excess of €43m

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